Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Amaranth Enchantment by Julie Berry

An orphan, a prince, a ball . . . you may think you've heard this story before. But did you hear about the stolen treasure? Or the mysterious otherworldly lady who is somehow connected to it all?

There is a Cinderella story underlying The Amaranth Enchantment, but this is by no means an ordinary retelling. Don't get me wrong, I love fairy tale retellings, and it doesn't bother me to have retellings follow the general form of the originals. This story absolutely amazed me. It still felt like the retelling worlds that I love to visit, but there were plenty of surprises. The most spoiler-free comment I can give is that it explores "the rest of the story," not just the main Cinderella-like heroine's tale. No story-less stepmothers here!

I checked out this book from the library. Then I bought a physical copy. And then a digital copy. And then another physical copy, because the author herself was present to sign it! So, yes, I really like this book. :)

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