About the Blogger

One of my favorite things about graduating from school was being able to read for fun, without having to worry about doing book reports anymore. Kind of a funny start for a book blogger, isn't it?

Self-appointed book reports notwithstanding, I still read mostly for fun these days, which makes for lots of fiction, especially children's and YA fantasy and sci-fi, with an occasional smattering of nonfiction as the mood strikes me. I have favorite authors, and I'm always on the look out for more. Waits between an author's books seem shorter when the wait is filled with other fun books.

I am personally very conservative, and I appreciate squeaky clean reads. Life, however, is not usually squeaky clean, and some of the best stories come with PG or higher content. There are adolescent readers in my home, and I often consider if and when I would feel good about them reading my selections. I may occasionally offer content advisories with my reviews, but I do not guarantee them. This is a hobby for me, after all.

This blog is also intended to help promote my favorite authors, as a small thank you for the hours of enjoyment they bring me through their labors. Thank you, o wonderful writers of the world!

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