Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ever by Gail Carson Levine

A beloved daughter is accidentally, but nevertheless irrevocably, marked for sacrifice. The god of wind loves her and wants to save her. But mortals cannot live in the home of the gods, and gods do not dwell among the dead . . .

Spoiler alert! This is a retelling of Cupid and Psyche. Those familiar with Greek mythology will have a fair idea of how that story goes. When I first read the book, I recognized the Greek aspect, despite its translation into a fictional world, but I missed the beauty of Cupid and Psyche. Thanks to C. S. Lewis's 'Til We Have Faces, I now have a greater appreciation for the story, or rather for the story within the story. It's Beauty and the Beast at heart, with impossible alliances realized through love. When I read looking for another chapter of Ella Enchanted, I was dissappointed. Now I think I should probably read it again. :)

I checked out this book from the library, and I will probably do so again.

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